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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,             

Today we are organizing to pass the Freedom to Vote Act by expanding the National Voter Registration Act, the motor-voter law to automatically register Americans to vote when they get their driver's licenses. In addition, we are petitioning Congress to make Election Day a National Holiday so that people do not have to get off of work in order to cast a ballot in an upcoming election. Electoral participation is foundational to democracy and we are campaigning for increased accountability at the polls. We know that when we increase participation every American wins. 

3rd we would like to establish same day voter registration in all 50 states so that first time voters and Americans new to the voting process can voice their choice and get involved. One of the reasons we are asking people to get involved with this innovative civil rights legislation is that we are working to expand the "Souls to the Polls" program where Rev. Clergy can take their congregations to vote on Saturdays and Sundays to create actionable policy reform. This is a call to action to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

We petition Congress for passage of legislation, register voters, recruit volunteers, educate the public and protect civil rights. If you will be our voice with a signature on our petition we will be your voice in Congress.

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